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What makes EasyCalendar the best Calendly alternative?
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Calendly Alternative Appointment Scheduling

More Features, Better Pricing, Helpful Support Team

Let’s compare EasyCalendar and Calendly offerings. And, also how much you can save per year by switching to EasyCalendar.
EasyCalendar Standard
$6 per user per month
EasyCalendar Pro
$11 per user per month
Calendly Premium (Annual)
$8 per user per month
Calendly Pro (Annual)
$12 per user per month
Customer specific customisations
Calendars Per User 2
You can add more calendars.
You can add more calendars.
2 6
Inbuild Mini-CRM
Live Chat & Email Support
10+ users
10+ users
Daily Appointment Reports
Website Widget
Stripe, Google Analytics, HubSpot & other integrations
SMS notifications
Rule based Appointments
Invitee redirect
Custom branding
Email & Calendars
Email & Calendars
Annual Savings
by switching to EasyCalendar
$240 $120

Setup your teams on EasyCalendar easily

EasyCalendar allows you to manage all your appointments with your customer at one place. With appointment reminders, re-assignment & workflows, you can easily collaborate with your team.
Calendly Alternative Appointment Scheduling
EasyCalendar Team Calendars

Team calendars to schedule appointments following Round-robin approach.

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Calendly Alternative Appointment Scheduling
Appointment Widget

With EasyCalendar appointment widget, you can convert more leads and reduce churn rate by providing instant solution to your customers.

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Calendly Alternative Appointment Scheduling
Custom Requests

Setup Calendars where they exactly work under what you really want them for.

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Manage Your Contacts At One Place

EasyCalendar allows you to create new contacts, handle bookings and log activities or notes against them. You can label your contacts by assigning a tag for each one of them. This is not just it! New Contacts are created automatically from new individual bookings, allowing the user a resourceful environment.

  • Track leads who schedule on your calendars
  • Provide resolution in less time, leading to happy customer
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Calendly Alternative Appointment Scheduling
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How EasyCalendar works?

Get up & running with our Appointment Scheduler within minutes. It is as easy as creating a google calendar. Already using another scheduler? We can help you migrate your settings, team & data.

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    Your calendar link is live to be shared and booked on your divided time slots

Setup Own Appointment Scheduler In 5 minutes

Create your account on EasyCalendar, make a calendar, share link or embed it on your site and start handling your appointments in a better & faster way than before.

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