Appointment Scheduler Features

Start automating your business around appointment with confirmations, reminders, integrations and more.

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One-On-One Meeting


Allow your clients to schedule individual meeting

Create multiple calendar with EasyCalendar and assign individual person to handle the booking
  • Notify multiple person about the appointment.
  • Individual booking
  • Get your appointment sycn with your CRMs
  • Automatically generate Zoom,GoToMeeting video link

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Round Robin


Distribute appointment among multiple team members

  • Appointment are distributed evenly around team members
  • Assign appointment to available team member

Buffer Time

Space out your slots

Tired of taking back-to-back sessions/demos. Space out your bookings with our Buffer Time feature. Set the buffer time of your choice. Revitalise yourself. Set your goals for the next session.

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Last Minimum Buffer Time


Prevent last minutes booking

Set the initial Buffer time for your appointment.
  • Get time to start your appointment slots according to your current time.

Website Widget

Embed your appointment form on your website

EasyCalendar allows your website visitor to book appointments directly on your website. - Place the HTML code your website. Supported for Wordpress, Wix, Drupal, etc

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Team Collaboration


Share appointment among Team members

Share Your EasyCalendar with other team members and assign slots to mutiple team members
  • Distribute appointment among team members
  • Assign the slot to different team member according to working hours
  • Team member will get notification as appointment is scheduled

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Customise Email Notification

Create Email Template For Notification

You can customise the Email that your invitee receive as appointments are scheduled

  • Use the Custom Fields for customising the templates
  • Customise the subject line for the Email
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Use Webhook to send the data to other platforms

Webhooks will be triggered as invitees scheduled an event with EasyCalendar. All the information about the event will be passed to webhook URL as Client Timezone, Slottime, Date, Name, email, etc.
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Setup Own Appointment Scheduler In 5 minutes

Create your account on EasyCalendar, make a calendar, share link or embed it on your site and start handling your appointments in a better & faster way than before.

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