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Customer Support Information

We are incredibly responsive to your queries and always open to hear your feedback and suggestions to make EasyCalendar the best appointment scheduling software in the market. We've written a lot of help guides around all the EasyCalendar features, settings, integrations, etc. But, if you don't find them useful, you can always ping us via email or chat and we will be more than happy to help.

Support Process

EasyCalendar provides equal support opportunities to all its users. Users can communicate with our teams through the above section for demo support, email support, or get quicker replies to their queries through our chat widget option.

Service Level Terms

EasyCalendar software platform shall be available for 24x7, except during scheduled maintenance.

If there is any downtime, company will give top priority customer support to fix the problem at the earliest. Customer support will not be available during Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. Company’s blocking of data communications or other Service in accordance with its policies shall not be deemed to be a failure of Company to provide adequate service levels under this Agreement.

Target Response Time

Target Response Time for a Support Ticket will be the time

(a) Commencing when EasyCalendar receives a proper Support Ticket from Customer and

(b) Ending when customer receives notification that the Support Ticket has been logged.

Target Response Time for Standard plan will be <24 hours and for Pro plan, <12 hours on working days (i.e. all days except weekends and public holidays)

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