EasyCalendar Webex integration lets you initiate meeting with a number of member as attendees. The Webex links are reflected back onto the dashboard meetings as well as the integrated Google Calendar.

How to integrate Webex account with EasyCalendar?

  • Login to your EasyCalendar account.
  • Head to the integration section of EasyCalendar.
  • Click the Connect button on the Webex integration card.
  • The Connect Button would lead you to a Webex sign-in page where you need to enter your login details.
  • After you have successfully signed in to your Webex account, Webex will ask to grant access to the EasyCalendar application.
  • The successful authentication to the grant request will take you back to the EasyCalendar Integration section.

How to use Webex integration in your EasyCalendar account?

  • Initially, Add Webex as the location in the calendar settings section
webex easycalendar
  • As a part of multiple reflections for your appointment links, Webex meeting links are a part of the user’s appointments.
webex easycalendar
  • The integrated Google calendar also shows the Webex links for the same appointment.
webex easycalendar

Remove Webex from EasyCalendar:

  • Head back to the integration section on EasyCalendar.
  • Click on the Active Tab on the top and look for Webex Integration Card.
  • Click on remove to remove your integration from EasyCalendar account.

If you have any queries regarding this integration, feel free to send us a a mail at –help@easycalendar.com or ping us on the help chat.

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